What an amazing adventure! This destination wedding brought me to Russia. To the beautiful location of Chersonese.

Anna and August met here two years ago and after they got engaged on the same sea shores, they knew then at that moment this is where they wanted to tie the knot. Anna and August were so much fun and their family and friends were as welcoming to me as my own family and friends. It was a dream come true being able to travel to this beautiful location that means so much to them.

I’ll say it again, and again… my job is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. The people, the places and the friends I’ve made along the way has been so wonderful. I’m looking forward to more couples like Anna and August.


Anna and August thank you so much for allowing me into your lives. It was an amazing adventure and I can’t wait to meet up with you again! Same goes to all of of your family and friends that were so friendly and kind to me during my stay.

xoxo, Madison



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  1. This is a comment written by me, Micheile. I hope you like this demo. It’s been a fun adventure making it. These photographs are from Pavel Melnik and were purchased on Creative Market.

    Many other photographs on this site are from Unsplash, my own work, and or that of my daughter, Cierra -Bloesem Photography.


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